The Midnight Star

1st Session - Into the Wilderness
Broken Midnight Star, Snakes, Miners, and Robots that Kill.

During regular maintenance it was discovered that the midnight star had some hefty repairs to do that would cost the crew quite a bundle. Opus, unable to fund the repairs himself, set the crew to work for a local businessman named Leo Sobek. Sobek himself got the crew a job for a mysterious person by the identity of Ansom. The crew was set to find out the status of a mining operation in a mountain valley that had not checked in.

The trip there was fraught with only minor peril, in the form of local wildlife and strong winds. Beckett managed to land the brick they were lent with damage to one of the thrusters. The crew set out at once to find the missing miners. Arriving at their intended destination, they found no miners, but no bodies either, and a transmitter with no core.

After a brief search of the structures, the party was ambushed by Union military bots, known as wasps, which attacked with rapid-fire bolt guns and grenades. Managing to destroy 3 of the 4 attackers, (PC) Jerry Barkowitz / Daen scoring the most kills. The crew salvaged what they could, and sent a message back to leo, updating him on the status of the missing miners. (PC) Samuel Price would employ his medical skills to patch up himself and (PC) Alec Trent Beckett

At Leo’s urging, they decided to search for the missing miners, despite trepidation. Using information obtained by (PC) Hector Ericcson from a now disabled Wasp-bot, the crew searched to the north. As the session drew to a close, a close encounter with Union-garbed soldiers and a man running for his life, (PC) Jerry Barkowitz / Daen urged (PC) Alec Trent Beckett to chase down and assist the fleeing man, while he and the rest of the crew took on the aggressors.


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