The Midnight Star

Session 2 - Mired Miners Masterfully Manumitted!

Down with union! Down with robots! Down with their flitter! Down goes Price! Oops...

Upon encountering a red-suited man being chased by a group of gun-wielding nuts, the crew decides to help the underdog in an effort to determine what the heck is going on!? Daen (who’s now become Stas?) leads Price and Ericsson against the 5 union-like soldiers, while Beckett chases down the aforementioned underdog in an effort to find the truth of the situation.

The hunters become the hunted as Ericsson, Price, and Stas take down the marauding ex-union soldiers with stealth (mostly) and deadly aim. Ericsson takes a wound, from one of the gunman, but holds on to life behind cover while Stas mops up the rest, and Price uses his medical knowledge to bring his companion around.

Beckett, at first attempting to convince the running man nicely of his friendly nature, decides he’s had enough and shouts the man into a standstill. Finally catching up, he pauses for breath before attempting to converse with this red-overalls guy. He finds out his name (Arno) and that he was a guard at the emptied mining camp, captured and brought to a listening post about 5km north. Radioing the info, the team gathers up and heads back to the mining camp.

Deciding, after long conversation, to take the air-lift up the river (on what is to be another bumpy ride), the crew and Arno mount an attack on the listening post. Ericsson, still badly wounded, stays with the air raft, while the rest of the team attempts the assault. Attempting a stealthy advance, Price is unfortunately discovered by the remaining swarm of wasp-bots, and while Arno and Beckett make for the listening post, Stas and Price expertly dispatch the robots, until, unfortunately, the last remaining bot detonates on price, knocking him unconscious. Beckett, Arno, and Stas continue the assault, managing to take down first two guards, then an entire transport full of them (idiot pilot left the window open, doh!), and some rather expensive equipment. While Beckett and Arno search for survivors, Stas returns to the downed medic. But without guidance or a knowledgeable mind, Stas’ efforts are in vain, and Price perishes (who’s the redshirt NOW? says Arno).

Finding detonator charges in the buildings at the camp, Beckett, with Ericsson’s help over comms, attempts to disable the devices, while Arno searches for his friends and comrades. Things get dicey however, when the first denator explodes, hurling Beckett from the building, and nearly causing a chain reaction. Thinking it better to just be quick, Beckett and Arno deftly free the prisoners, and run from the camp before it explodes in a plume of fire and smoke.

With the survey-team now freed and secure, Beckett and Stas return to the snake-damaged flitter to bring the survivors home. While they’re gone Arno and Ericsson sift through the wreckage, finding some very interesting tech, as well as parts for repairing the flitter and some spares for the Midnight Star. Satisfied with the job finished, The crew and their liberated companions head back to the spaceport, narrowly missing some nastily-armed enemy transports. It is with relief and sadness that the crew returns to their ship. The bill covered for the maintenance on their ship, but was the Price too high?



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